Resume 10/6

Danielle Sanchez  

Cell-Phone:                                                                                                     Web Contact Info:


Tampa, Fl                                                                             


Aug 2008- Present:               University of South Florida- Tampa, Florida

          • Majoring in Public Relations
          • Taking Public Relations Research, Writing, and Design.
          • GPA 3.18



Aug 2006- May 2008:             University of Tampa- Tampa, Florida      

          • Majored in Advertising and Public Relations
          • GPA 3.1



Work Experience

Feb 2008- Present                  Channelside Hooters Restaurant- Tampa, Florida. (813) 221-2600

          • Conversational and outgoing with my customers.
          • Promoting for the Restaurant.
          • Leading the team.
          • Scored excellent for customer service and promotion.

 Professional Experience
Present                                          Internship with C.C Communications

          • Created pitches for clients
          • Research and created Excel lists
          • Edit new releases and other writings


Present                               Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

          • Special events committee.
          • Interviewed Manager of Public Affairs Michelle Foley at the Moffitt Cancer Center.


April 2010                   The Conductors for Change- Vote for the Tampa Rail

          • Created events and strategies to promote awareness.
          • Composed a Timeline of when to execute these strategies.
          • Interviewed Executive President of Hill & Knowlton Harry Costello.


Personal Strengths and Training 

  • Editing   
  • Microsoft Word and Powerpoint
  • Professional Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Fast Typing
  • Personable
  • Self-motivated
  • Organized
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Research Techniques


Donating by using social media Report

Report of “Donating by using social media”

Results to the survey “Was the Text Worth It?”

Here are our results to our survey. This paper explains the participant’s awareness, behaviors and attitudes towards texting while driving.

Researching “Was the Text Worth It?”

Tampa Rail

The CEO of Hart DAvid Armijo and Commissioner spoke into great detail on how this new Rail will be created.

Conductors of Change won the Light Rail contest at USF.

Was the text worth it? Survey and Video!

The video :

We researched driver’s behaviors and awareness of texting while driving. The results are located on the side bar in the white box. This is a summary report in a PDF format.

Values and morals are slowly diminishing

Two days ago I saw a commerical in which the message was “not to kill”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really? We need commericals to sell the idea that killing is bad. What happened to values and good people?

This is a sign that the world has become a more dangerous and crazy place. I still cannot believe there needs to be a commercial to tell people to stop killing.

Peopel should already know that killing is bad.

Social Media Monitoring Assigment

Disney Final Table pdf

DisneyResearch Paper – This report includes pictures from other web sites and bloggers. These are copyrighted photos. from ; ; and other sites.

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